The High Rise Department of Outdoor Dimensions was developed in response to a growing need throughout the Southland. Outdoor Dimensions has assembled a team of specialists devoted to servicing multi-family projects only. This team oversees projects from initial design, through production and manages installation schedules to ensure that packages that often include over 1000 items are produced and installed accurately. These large packages include intricate apartment complexes, condominium communities and commercial business centers.

Artists with specialized training in reading architectural plans design comprehensive sign packages. Research is done with each city during this process to ensure that all designs comply with written codes, taking into consideration specific ADA requirements and fire codes.

Production of all products for each project is supervised by this team to ensure that products are available as needed onsite. This requires diligent planning and coordination with production and onsite personnel. The team oversees installation of all items, maintaining a careful inventory of products and sustains a steady communication with Clients to guarantee that all expectations are met.

The success of this department is hinged on one key factor: recognizing that each project is distinctive. Every city has a different set of requirements and each project will have its own unique set of circumstances. The team is often seen working closely with permitting, meeting with fire inspectors to make sure signage is consistent with code, and researching new and innovative products that are durable and cost effective.