Outdoor Dimensions is your one stop shop for ALL your outdoor marketing needs! Our flags, banners and fence wrap are a cost-effective solution to adding an instantaneous aesthetic improvement, while subtly creating a powerful form of effective advertising that can transform any ordinary chain-link fence, wall or bare street into a marketing mecca.

Within our 110,000 square foot facility, we have the capability to design, produce and install some of the highest quality printed banners out of one building: from single-color vinyl banners to computer generated full-color photo-realistic - in any size and any color.

Some benefits of using Flags, Banners and Fence wrap:

  • Eye-catching, professional & effective form of advertising
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Custom designs can showcase logos/sponsors/accolades
  • Enhance your streetscape
  • Increase public awareness

These powerful marketing mediums are one of the most economical ways to bring your product, service or message to the public.