Weekend Services

Who says work begins on Monday at 8:00 am and ends on Friday at 5:00 pm? As a matter of fact, Outdoor Dimensions has an entire department dedicated to servicing Clients on weekends. The fact is many clients do a bulk of business on Saturdays and Sundays and Outdoor Dimensions is proud to partner with them offering cost-effective ways to market their products. There are six time-tested tools that can be used in any combination to help increase traffic, these include:

1. Directional Signage (Bootlegs)
Strategic placement of minimum of (50) 18”x24” or 24”x24” corrugated plastic signs on stakes that draw traffic from competitors and community attractions. Service includes placement on Friday evening and removal for reuse on Sunday evening.
2. Pole Signs
3’x4’ wood signs on 6’ poles are used to add emphasis to strategic corners. Poles signs lock into a cemented sleeve in the ground and are set in place on Friday evening and removed Sunday evening. 
3. Trailer Signs
Stationary: When permanent signage is not possible 5’x10’ sign on a rolling trailer frame can fill the need. Crews place the sign at its display location for the weekend and deliver it back to a designated onsite storage location during the week.
Roaming: A roaming billboard trailer travels a widespread area making stops at community attractions over a 5 hour period drawing attention to the 8’x12’ signs on each side and a 3rd panel on the rear ensuring all who pass take notice of its message.
4. Skid Signs
Location determines the need. When a pole sign won’t cut it and a trailer sign is too much. A skid sign can be the answer. A 4’x6’ corrugated plastic sign mounted to a metal frame is placed and removed only when needed. 
5. Folding Signs
Great for high traffic areas like freeways and expressways. With authorization from a landowner, a 8’x16’ sign structure is installed. Designed to fold open and close, the faces remain open on weekends and are closed by crews during the week. 
6. Balloon Décor and Spheres
Balloon trees, archways and spheres add excitement and interest to any event. Some can be seen from miles away and others ensure that onlookers don’t just pass by without stopping. Outdoor Dimensions will work to determine which marketing strategy will be most effective for clients, coordinate the details, and remain available throughout the weekend to ensure expectations are met.