Outdoor Dimensions offers a complete package of services that cover a project from  start to finish, including:


Our Installation team consists of approximately 25 skilled and professional individuals. We specialize in both interior and exterior installations, including multi-family projects and electrical signage.
Our fleet includes 22 trucks, vans, and 4 box trucks that service the western states. 


Every city and county has a different set of guidelines dictating allowed signage.  We provide code research, interact with planners, prepare the permit package and provide submittal services, handling every detail from beginning to end to ensure an accurate and comprehensive process.


A "ground lease sign" provides offsite advertising and directional information when placed on private property. We provide full service to obtain an offsite sign.  The process begins with researching landowner information, negotiating and contracting a monthly fee to place a sign on their land, and continuing through sign design, production and installation.  


Outdoor Dimensions had it's name long before developing an entire division dedicated to the design and production of interior spaces.  Our Interiors division is comprised of a specialized team of individuals working together to design beautiful, functional spaces that conform to a client’s vision and budget alike.  Our Interiors team provides:
  • Unique, comprehensive and functional space plans
  • Complete construction conversion drawings
  • Custom displays and graphic artwork layouts
  • Custom framing
  • Furniture and case goods


Our visionaries are a dedicated, creative team of graphic artists with design capabilities for any type of signage. Collectively our team has assimilated over 60 years of experience designing for the homebuilding industry. Over the years we branched out and we now design all types of signage including multi-family, electrical and commercial. 


Maximize the impact of your corporate brand. Outdoor Dimensions can take your branding design and incorporate it into a consistent and appealing signage and interior graphics programs to highlight and emphasize your company.    

Some items that complete a corporate branding package include:
  • Flags and Banners
  • Sales Office Designs
  • Onsite and Offsite Project Identification Signs
  • Weekend Directional Signs
  • Lot Signs
  • Model Identification signs
  • Doormats
  • Custom Graphic Displays