Orange County Monument

Installed on July 16th 2009, the Orange County Monument stands 18 feet tall, 20 feet wide off the 5 freeway in Buena Park. Orange County is home to 3.19 million people and this monument gives them a sense of place. The goal of this project was to define, signify, and bring unique character to the county.

The Process

A small sample was initially produced up front so we could show the client the colors, style, but most importantly lighting. Lighting was a very big deal for this client, so we worked until we got the lighting absolutely perfect.


As time went on, we started developing more and more.  It took a while, but we can’t rush perfection.


The installation process was something to marvel at. A crane was needed to lift the final part of the monument onto the beams.

The Unveiling

The reveal of the monument brought an array of emotions. OCTA Chairman, Peter Buffa, spoke at the podium for the unveiling. Orange County Supervisor, Chris Norby, spoke about the sense of identity this would bring to the community. Herold trumpeters from Medieval Times in Buena Park were there to play as the unveiling took place. We love to reminisce on this project as an example of hard work and dedication. We are so proud of this project and we hope it brings some joy to Orange County Residents when they see it on the freeway.