Pardee Homes, Altis

Outdoor Dimensions supported Pardee Homes' signage vision for this unique 55+ community. Located in Beaumont California, the Altis community opened in November 2018. The community is made up of 4 different products: Avid, Elan, Mira and Vida, in which residents are able to choose a product for the layout of their home.

Clubhouse Door Signs

These signs are in the clubhouse of the community. Each sign was designed specifically for each room.

Informational Exterior Signage

We created and designed signs and flags throughout the neighborhood to market the grand opening of this project.

Model Homes Signs

These signs were used to establish the different layouts of the model homes. Look at the unique detail that went into each sign.

Bar Inside of Clubhouse

We designed and installed the bar inside the clubhouse of this neighborhood. These series of pictures convey the hard work it took to install.

Clubhouse Interior

The lettering in the clubhouse building took precise attention to detail. We had to make sure the letters fit in the frames, as well as, make sure the electrical lights were working properly.

Altis Community Monument

This is the entrance to the Altis community. We designed the entire monument from the letters to the stone wall.